Board & Council

Staff and Moton Council at Barbara Johns Dedication

Board of Trustees


Drexel Harris, Chair | Retired | Richmond, Virginia
Ronald O. White, Vice-Chair | Southside Electric Cooperative | Chesterfield, Virginia
James L. Weinberg, Secretary | Hirschler | Richmond, Virginia


The Honorable Jennifer McClellan | General Assembly | Richmond, Virginia
Michael Pace Jr. |Center for Teaching the Rule of Law | Roanoke, Virginia
Joy Cabarrus Speakes | Moton Council Representative | Farmville, Virginia
The Honorable A.D. “Chuckie Reid” | Moton Council Representative | Farmville, Virginia
Cynthia E. Hudson | Sands Anderson PC | Richmond, Virginia

Ex-Officio Members

Cameron Patterson | Executive Director, Moton Museum | Farmville, Virginia

Bylaws of the Moton Museum

Moton Council

The Moton Council is the Museum’s community engagement board.


The Honorable A.D. “Chuckie” Reid, Chair | Representing Town of Farmville
The Honorable Megan Clark, Vice-Chair| At-Large Member
Cynthia L. Johnson, Secretary & Programs Chair | At Large Member
Sherry Swinson, Governance Chair | Representing Longwood University
Joy Cabarrus Speakes, Moton Family Challenge Chair | Moton Council Representative to the Board of Trustees
Michael Utzinger, Collections Chair | Representing Hampden-Sydney College


Rita Odom Moseley | Representing Prince Edward County Students, 1959-1964
Magi Van Eps | Representing Virginia’s Crossroads
Dr. Barbara Johnson | Representing Prince Edward County Public Schools
Dennis Brown | Representing Centra Southside Community Hospital
The Honorable Jerry Townsend | Representing Prince Edward County
Chance Reynolds | Representing Fuqua School
Anne Tyler Paulek| Representing Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Wendy Lyle-Jones | Representing Prince Edward County Branch NAACP
Melvin Nunnally | At Large Member
Beatrice White | At Large Member
Eboni Lee | At Large Member
Joy Stump | At Large Member
Louise Gould | At Large Member
Quincy Goodine | At Large Member

Emeritus Members

Dorothy Holcomb
Edwilda Allen Isaac
Charlie Taylor
Grace Moton

Bylaws of the Moton Museum 

Ways to Give to Moton

Any gift has the ability to make an impact that far exceeds its size. Together we can work to share the Moton Story and ensure that countless individuals know how Prince Edward County became the birthplace of the student-led civil rights movement.

2019 gifts helped us engage with more than 12,000 individuals via our onsite and offsite programming. Help us continue this important work with your gift. All donations are tax deductible.

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