Mission & Vision


Farmville Virginia’s former Robert Russa Moton High School, now a National Historic Landmark and museum, preserves and constructively interprets the history of Civil Rights in Education, specifically as it relates to Prince Edward County, and the leading role its citizens played in America’s transition from segregation toward integration.

Moton strives to promote dialogue and advance positions that ensure empowerment within a constitutional democracy.


The Robert Russa Moton Museum is envisioned to be a repository for historically significant materials that record Prince Edward County’s 13-year struggle to achieve Civil Rights in Education.

The Museum will feature exhibits that document and reflect upon the period of transition from segregation to integration of public education with particular attention to events occurring from 1951 to 1964.

The Museum will exist to commemorate the students and families whose courage and personal sacrifices brought about change.

The Museum will serve future generations as an education center that delivers the story, a policy center for the study of Civil Rights in Education, and a provider of community outreach services to support area citizens.

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