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Farmville Civil Rights Walking Tour

Make the Moton Museum part of a walking tour. Walk to 17 places of civil rights significance in Farmville.

This walking tour guides you to sites in downtown Farmville significant to this history between 1951 and 1964. The two-mile route is designed to begin and end at the Moton Museum and takes you along Main Street, High Street, and Griffin Boulevard, but you can begin and end the tour at any point. Downtown Farmville has changed dramatically since the 1960s. We encourage you to explore its shops and cultural attractions as you engage with its fascinating past.
Sites on the tour are identified by a Civil Rights Walking Tour logo on the sidewalk.


Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail

The Moton Museum is a featured stop of the Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail. According to the Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail,

“Among the many ways Virginia has led the nation, its education heritage is worthy of deeper understanding. The free public education system our country now enjoys has its roots here in this region, where the right to equal education for all was the subject of challenge, debate and courageous acts. The sleepy back roads of these rural counties were an unexpected place for inspired activism – and this trail tells the poignant and often explosive story.”


U.S Civil Rights Trail

The Moton Museum is a featured stop of the U.S. Civil Rights Trail. According to the U.S. Civil Rights Trail,

“The fight for American civil rights spanned decades, cities and states – from Topeka, Kansas, to Memphis, Tennessee, from Atlanta, Georgia, to Selma and Birmingham, and all the way to Washington, D.C. Chart the course of the Civil Rights Movement through the Civil Rights Trail that begins with the site of school integration and takes you to the scene of Bloody Sunday and finally the Supreme Court of the United States.”


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