Moton Legacy Project

First-person lived experience is a crucial resource for preserving and sharing the Moton Story. If you or a family member has a story about your time at Moton High School or in Prince Edward County during or after the school closures, please consider sharing it with us. Through video, audio and written pieces, we aim to cultivate as many firsthand stories as possible from this influential period of American history in order to tell the full history of Moton and its impact on U.S. civil rights.

We are able to schedule interviews with individuals or family groups (three to four people maximum). For interviews, Moton staff will lead the group through a set of questions with the goal of preserving individual experiences and interpretations of Prince Edward County history. We know that hundreds of students were part of the 1951 strike, and thousands were impacted by the 1959 school closings. These interviews are opportunities for those students and their children to share and preserve their family legacy.