2023 – 2024 Moss Scholars

Meet our 2023 – 2024 Moss Scholars Kadyn Bunting and Megan Bowles! Learn more about them below:

Kadyn:  I attend Longwood University! I have a major in History with a concentration in Public History and a double minor in Communications and Anthropology.

I first learned about the Moton Story during the Honors Retreat my freshman year. One of the activities was to tour the museum and I was in awe of what happened and how I have never learned about the events before.

I wanted to be able to share this story to other people! It’s such an important part of history and I wanted to enlighten others about what happened and how it impacts our lives even today.

I would love to go into museum education! With my work at Moton I am able to experience the operations of a museum and get experience the education side of the work.

“Stay in Trouble” by Dr. Kukk, who’s the Dean of the Honors College. It reminds me that I’m able to make mistakes and step out of my comfort zone, even if it seems scary at first.

This is really cheesy, but my boyfriend (also named Caden.) He’s always on top of everything and tries his hardest in everything he does. He’s always looking out for others and I inspire to be more like him every day.

Phil 320, Capitalism v. Socialism with Dr. Adam Blincoe. It’s been so different than the other courses I have taken, including a discussion one on one with my professor. It’s opened my eyes to different things and I’ve enjoyed it so much!

Megan: I am a rising senior at Longwood University, majoring in Liberal Studies, with a minor in Special Education. I first came to learn about the Moton Story when looking into if this scholarship would be a good fit for me. I had prior knowledge of the basics, but as I researched further I grew my knowledge. I was inspired to apply for the internship program due to being able to express the importance of the story using an artistic medium. I have always been involved in music in some way, shape, or form, and use it to express myself in many different ways.

My future career goals are to graduate with my Bachelor of Science from Longwood, then move on to a Master’s program for ABA (applied behavior analysis). From there, the program is intended to prepare students to take the board-certified test to become a BCBA (board-certified behavior analysts). I want to work one on one with elementary-age kids who are on the spectrum and have emotional behavior disorders.  This internship program will help enhance my career goals by providing me with opportunities to be able to work on educational programs, work within a team, and give me insights into how the professional world works.

The person that I admire the most is Taylor Swift. She is the most outgoing, ambitious, and powerful woman in the music industry. She doesn’t take no for an answer and perseveres through anything that people, the media, or the press say or do to her. One of my favorite quotes is “Life isn’t how to survive the storm, it’s about how to dance in the rain”. It explains that you can’t let the things you have gone through take over your life, what matters is how you use the pain to push you forward and make something out of it.

My favorite college course that I have taken would have to be Teaching Grammar Theory. The professor encourages us to think outside of the box and use our creativity in and outside of the classroom. I am currently working on a paper about how each of Taylor Swift’s album tie into specific concepts of grammar theory. I have never been so excited and eager to work on a paper. I am a person who thinks very creatively and outside of the box, and Dr. Ruday provides all of his students the opportunity to do so.

Help us in welcoming our 2023 – 2024 Moss Scholars!

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