Calling all visionaries. What’s your wish for America’s future?

What’s your wish for America’s future?

History is unfolding all around us, and young people are taking the lead in shaping the future of the nation we live in. A new initiative invites your voice to be heard: My Wish For U.S., a project by Made By Us, a coalition of the nation’s history and civics institutions. Share your wish at 

As we reckon with our past, examine our present and consider our role in our future, what do we want the future of the United States to look like? My Wish For U.S. asks all of us to share in imagining the next 250 years of U.S. history. By envisioning the future we want, we can start to build it.

Share your vision on social media. You can Tag @historymadebyus and #MyWishForUS — and tag in a few friends to participate, too. You can even tweet your wish to your local representative, right from the website. After you’ve shared your wish, you can explore wishes across the nation by location, demographics and topics – even historical wishes.

Made By Us: The Moton Museum is proud to be a key partner in Made By Us, a bold new initiative connecting Americans to hundreds of history and civic organizations nationwide through digital and physical experiences that help place timely issues in historical context. Since informed participation is the critical lever to help get us closer to realizing America’s founding ideals at 250, Made By Us will help real people address real issues in real-time—with tools powered by history.


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