1954 Moton High School Composite

Preservation takes both time and money. As Moton Museum begins professionally cataloging its collections, our first project will be to conserve the 1954 R.R. Moton High School Graduating Class Composite. This 70-year-old artifact is being evaluated for damages as we determine how best to protect it. The 1954 composite has some water damage and needs to be cleaned. Photos will also need to be reattached to preserve this important piece of Moton history.

We would like to build on the momentum of our supporters’ engagement with the VAM Endangered Artifact competition on our social media platforms, using it as an opportunity to fundraise preservation costs and to speak with any strikers or family members of the 1954 R.R. Moton graduating class.

Contact Leah Brown at 494-315-8775 (ext. 2) or [email protected] to share information about the 1954 graduating class.

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