Intern Spotlight: Jackson Malsam, Senior Marketing Student at Longwood University

The Moton Museum is excited to welcome Jackson Maslam as our Education & Outreach Intern for the fall of 2021. Jackson is from Fairfax, Virginia and a graduate of Fairfax High School.  Jackson is a Senior at Longwood University. Jackson has a deep interest in museums, non-profits, and mental health awareness. He is excited to learn more about the work of the Moton Museum and is always seeking to find ways to help improve the community around him. We are so excited to have Jackson working with us this fall. Welcome Jackson!

  1. Where do you attend school, what is your major?
    Longwood University, Business Administration: Marketing Concentration
  2. How did you first come to learn about the Moton Story?
    During a tour at the museum with my family. That tour inspired me to reach out and inquire about internship opportunities.
  3. What interested you in working with the Moton Museum?
    The people who work here and the stories from people who have visited here. The environment here is encouraging, motivating, and welcoming.
  4. What are your future goals and how do you hope your work with Moton will impact that work?
    I want to be a lead marketer one day at big company and I think working at the Moton Museum will help me gain skills such as learning how to take something small and make it big. Also, I want to start a nonprofit one day, and the museum will help me gain skills as to how nonprofits work and operate.
  5. What is your favorite quote that motivates you?
    “Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down” – Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion, Firefly)
  6. Who is someone you really admire and why?
    My brother Kendall because he is my absolute best friend and is someone I have looked up to since I can remember. He is my mentor for life and someone I can always go to at any time.
  7. What has been your favorite college course and why?
    My favorite college course was CTZN 110 with Dr. Taylor, Professor of English who is my favorite professor of all time. The reason it was my favorite class is because I still use all the writing, reading, and presentation skills from that class. It has helped me become a better student and person. I still talk and meet with Dr. Taylor to this day. He is someone I look up to and listen to every word he says.

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