Moton Museum Named Made By US Anchor Partner

Farmville – May 2020. The Moton Museum is excited to announce that we have signed on as a partner with Made By Us (, an exciting, nationwide initiative designed to educate and engage the next generation to foreground history in civic life. Through Made By Us, institutions will join forces to share a fuller story about the past, reach new audiences, and put history in the hands of young people as they shape the future. Made By Us similar to the Moton Museum recognizes that some of the most transformative moments in shaping our nation have come from young people who had enough of the status quo and demanded more from their country, drawing upon the past to change the future. Entrepreneurs, innovators, pioneers, and explorers – whose stories we love and revere – have time and time again harnessed the lessons of history to shape the world.

About Made By Us:  Our national motto, e pluribus unum—out of many, one— is also the ethos of this group. We are hundreds of civic and history organizations collaborating across the country. Loudly and clearly, we recognize the opportunity presented in this transformative moment for institutions like ours to better serve the public and join the ongoing conversation about the future of our country. We have come together in an unprecedented way, pooling resources and bringing the best we each have to offer, so that we might harness the spirit of collaboration and tap into our varied strengths—across regions, disciplines, and methods. We are modeling a new path forward for the ways in which history serves the people. Now is the time for us all to step up. See all of our partners here who have signed on to support this initiative and help us model a new path forward for the way in which history serves the people.

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