Donate to Moton: Physical or Digital Donations

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Moton collects items that will help us tell the Moton School Story. Artifacts like the 1954 Composite Photo, the Martha Forrester Council Collection and the model of the Civil Rights Memorial in Richmond help students and visitors understand what happened in Prince Edward County and how the Moton School Story has been interpreted through the years.

Our goal is to gather physical items, digital scans, oral histories and interviews to better preserve the stories of those impacted by Moton history. These collections help us fulfill the Moton Museum mission of constructively preserving and interpreting Prince Edward County history. We are also dedicated to speaking with and learning from descendants as we gather vital family stories and memories.

Consistent with its mission, Moton Museum will acquire items that relate directly to:

  1. Civil rights events and milestones in Prince Edward County, Southside Virginia and the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  2. The history of R.R. Moton High School (both the original school structure located at the intersection of Griffin Boulevard and Main Street in Farmville, Va., and the newer high school structure on Eagle Drive) as well as the history of educational institutions in Prince Edward County.
  3. The history of education, including the expansion of educational opportunities and access in post-Civil War Virginia, particularly Southside Virginia.
  4. African-American history in Prince Edward County and Virginia.

Potential Items:

  • Prince Edward County School memorabilia: lunch tokens, tickets, pennants, programs, cards
  • R.R. Moton High School uniforms
  • R.R. Moton library books
  • R.R. Moton yearbooks
  • Free School memorabilia
  • P.T.A. memorabilia
  • Training Center memorabilia (1959-1963)
  • Photographs
  • Letters
  • School papers
  • Diaries
  • Scrapbooks
  • Moton Museum (1995-2001) photographs
  • Moton is not able to take newspapers at this time.

Contact Leah Brown at 494-315-8775 (ext. 2) or [email protected] to discuss your donation.

Digital Donations

For digital donations, the donor will give permission to use a digital representation of their item. Staff will scan the item(s), and the donor will be able to take it back home. Moton will keep the digital scan as part of its collection.

Ways to Give to Moton

Any gift has the ability to make an impact that far exceeds its size. Together we can work to share the Moton Story and ensure that countless individuals know how Prince Edward County became the birthplace of the student-led civil rights movement.

2022 gifts helped us engage with more than 20,000 individuals via our onsite and offsite programming.
Help us continue this important work with your gift. All donations are tax deductible.

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