Plans Underway for Moton Museum Educational Outreach

March 5, 2009

Educators from across the Commonwealth gathered recently to address educational outreach of the Moton Museum.  Participating committee members worked on an Interpretive Educational Plan that would provide guidance and support for the development of the Moton Museum’s Educational Program and Outreach Initiatives.  The plan would include implementation of the Museum’s educational plan for diverse constituencies and tourists, with particular attention to educational entities within the 14-locality service region of the Museum.

The day-long session included a discussion led by Mr. William Obrochta, Museum Educator for the Virginia Historical Society, regarding approaches to the comprehensive design of an education plan.  “The purpose of an institution-wide Interpretive Plan is to define or articulate the intellectual framework that connects the mission of an organization and its collections with the needs and interests of its audience,” said Obrochta.

Moton Museum Director Lacy Ward conducted a walking tour and introduced Moton 2011 – a plan to have in place the museum’s permanent exhibit by April 23, 2011, the 60th anniversary of the Moton student walkout. The permanent exhibit will offer the only place in the Commonwealth where visitors can trace the 13 years of Prince Edward County’s move from a segregated to an integrated school system.  Visitors will come to understand the processes by which citizens and their national, state and local governments resolved the policy issues of racial segregation in public education.

“The meeting was deemed a total success,” said Dr. Helen R. Stiff-Williams, educational consultant for Moton 2011 and meeting facilitator.  “It is exciting to see a group of esteemed educators involved and committed to the Museum’s educational mission.”

Photographed left to right:

Meg Gruber, Vice President, Virginia Education Association; Susie Orr, Social Studies Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools;  Sally Thompson, Farmville Town Council Member and Moton Museum Board Member;  William Obrochta, Director of Education, Virginia Historical Society;  Robert Hamlin, Board Chair, Moton Museum;  Laura Williamson, Director of Instruction, Prince Edward County Public Schools; Lacy Ward Jr., Moton Museum Director;  Dr. Helen Stiff-Williams, Education Consultant for Moton 2011 and meeting facilitator;  Dr. Peggy Tarpley, Chairman, Department of Education, Longwood University

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