Back to School 2022-2023

Dear Educators,

The Moton Museum Staff is thrilled to be able to share our program options with you. We have created a variety of programs with the goal of preparing students to ask questions of the past while learning how American democracy has changed through the years and how citizens utilized mechanisms of government to exact change.

Primary sources drive our programs. Students are prompted to analyze and discuss their perceptions of these sources. The Moton Museum has created numerous primary resource graphic organizers to help prompt student investigation and reflection. We provide additional background to help students understand what happened in the past. The power of the Moton Museum is the narratives told in the six galleries of our permanent exhibition. We provide a full account by giving context and primary sources from those supporting and those against desegregation. Presenting multiple perspectives, we teach the students historical interpretation.

We offer on-site (at the Moton Museum), off-site (at individual schools), and virtual programs. Our most popular program, The Moton School Story: Children of Courage, has been adapted for all grades but is typically useful for Virginia Studies, 7th grade U.S. History, Civics, VA & US History, and US Government.

We are excited to share what Moton has to offer! We are looking forward to opportunities to connect with you in our professional development events and share Moton’s story with your students.

Lastly and most important all our programs are free. Contact us if you wish to schedule or click here.

Cainan Townsend, Managing Director
Leah Brown, Associate Director for Education & Collections

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