Bridge Builder Inaugural Cohort

Farmville, VA: The Bridge Builders are a community of young scholars that seeks to cultivate unity, partner together in collaboration, and work to create a better tomorrow for our schools, our community, and our county. They will undertake several opportunities that will provide for a deepened learning experience. This program will bring together Prince Edward County Public Schools and Fuqua School. With the Moton Museum as a unifying connecting point, students will work together to build stronger relationships, assist the Moton Museum in our efforts, provide summer enrichment opportunities, create a student-led “legacy” project, and earn college scholarships in the process.

The inaugural cohort of Bridge Builders will consist of nine total students. They will begin in the fall of 2022 with a Prince Edward County History course taught by Dr. Larissa Smith, PhD; Mr. Cameron Patterson, M.S.; Mr. Cainan Townsend, M.S.; and teachers at Prince Edward County High School and Fuqua Upper School respectively.

“The Bridge Builder program will provide a powerful opportunity for students from both schools to interact in the museum setting. We believe this will create an environment where students can build community and dialogue with one another.”
Cainan Townsend, M.S., Managing Director of the Moton Museum, and Bridge Builder Program Coordinator

“We are thrilled to be partners in this groundbreaking initiative with Prince Edward County Public Schools, Longwood University, and the Moton Museum, and look forward to “building bridges” together towards a better tomorrow for all.”
Paul “Chance” Reynolds, M.P.A., Ed.S., Head of School, Fuqua School

“We look forward to being involved in this productive and forward-thinking partnership between Prince Edward County Public Schools, Fuqua School, and the Moton Museum. It will provide a great opportunity to introduce local history to our young people and give them the foundation of local community advocacy.”
Dr. Barbara Johnson, EdD, Superintendent, Prince Edward County Public Schools

This cohort of Bridge Builders will complete their program in May 2024 upon completion of their Legacy Project and each will be given a scholarship for post-secondary education opportunity.

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